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Canada at Midnight / Canada à Minuit documents

Here are you will find the most resent versions of our official documentation. We are in the process of completing translations and appreciate you patience.

Canada at Midnight Financial Report 2015 Canada à Minuit Rapport Financier 2015
Canada at Midnight AGM Minutes 2015 Canada à Minuit AGM Minutes 2015
Canada at Midnight Bylaws 08-2016 Canada à Minuit Règlements 02-13
Canada at Midnight Constitution 08-16 Canada à Minuit Constitution 08
CaM AGM Council Motions Bilingual 3-16 CaM AGM Member Motions Bilingual 3-16
 Canada at Midnight Member Handbook 03-16 Canada à Minuit Manuel Membres 01-09
FGotM Bid Guidlines FGotM Guidlines Bid
CAiNE Bid Guidlines CAiNE Guidlines Bid
Prestige log Excel Sheet

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