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ANST-MasqueradeaNST Vampire: The Masquerade -Marc Plamondon

As an assistant to the National Storyteller, the aNST Masquerade is in charge of developing, deploying and coordinating plot on the National level. He is also the main point of contact for other affiliates when stories need to cross borders. The duties of the aNST Masquerade also involve working with all level of the ST chain in order to deliver a quality game in all domains. To that end, he also is the High level approver for items that requires High Approval.

About Me:  I have joined the club in 2013 and became one of the youngest national officer as aNST in October 2014. Although my Storytelling experience within the club was relatively new, I was bringing with me more than 20 years of Old world of darkness experience and a few successful large scale LARP such as Dust (Montreal 2008-2011), SAQ (Montreal 2011-2012) and Montreal by Marc (Montreal 2005-2007). I consider myself to be a team player and a leader when needed.

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