National Coordinator Blog Post #16 – CAiNE Memories #4

cainelogo1_PlainCAiNE Memories #4

Some of the best moments at CAiNE are completely unscripted.   All players enjoy sharing their “no shit there I was” stories and I particularly like this one because never in a million games could STs write this.  Thanks to David Larush for sharing 🙂

So, no shit there I was…

playing Deuce Wilde, a Ravnos gambler. Now because I was running the charity table that year I had my hands full and showed up to game about 45 minutes late after all the announcements, which suited me because I figure not being Camarilla (at the time) Deuce would have no reason to know anyone important or what was going on anyway.

So, I’m wandering around the gathering and I notice Jen Wong sitting all by her lonesome and so I sidle up to her

“Hello, there pretty lady!”, I extend a hand, “Name’s Wilde, Deuce Wilde”

I park myself next to her and start chatting her up. She seems to have a knowing grin, and puts up with my flattery but at the same time seems to be dodging the issue of giving me her name.

“Say, pretty lady, I don’t seem to have caught your name.”

She says “I assumed every Camarilla member here knew my name.”

“Well, that’s likely true, but seein’ as how I’m Independent I could likely benefit from a proper introduction.”

She bats her eyes, “My name is Demaris.”

Suddenly, I realize I’ve been flirting with the Justicar this whole time and suddenly the Archon who’s *supposed* to have been the wall between her and the riff raff (like me) materializes out of nowhere. “Is this man bothering you, ma’am?”

Realizing the hot water I’ve been dancing around I excuse myself, and turn to go… and run right into my city’s Harpy who has a big shit eating grin and a notebook open and in hand.

Well, fuck