National Coordinator Blog Post #12 – CAiNE Memories #2

cainelogo1_PlainCAiNE Memories #2

The second in an ongoing look at the in game memories that make CAiNE a memorable experience.  This week’s story comes from David Clark (CA2014080201) and Audrey Gravel (CA2014091501).  They even included a picture 🙂

The story

This is a joint story from Audrey and I, we have had fun cresting this arc for our characters. It is STILL continuing in this chronicle.  
From Caine 2016. The entire evening has seen Justicars and Archons attacked and or killed, Valkyries come and go, and overall the tension in the room is high.
Near the end of the Gathering  a single Gangrel, Johnathan Harden, approaches the Princes table. The Prince is still conversing with others at the table. He shuffles nervously, a small shiny object being fumbled with in his hand. He almost drops it when the Prince speaks.
“What do you need?”
“I’d like to address those present with yer permission. I have something I’d like to say”
The Princes face is unsure for a moment, scrutinizing the Coyote.
“Is this a good announcement?”
Johnathan partially reveals the ring he’s been hiding behind the hat, which draws attention at the table.
“Decidedly good. I hope. I’d happily offer a minor boon if you’d like”
“No, it is not needed.” He gives a slight hint of relief. The events of the evening obviously has taken its toll. “Would everyone please pay attention, this gentleman would like to address the court”
After anxiously waiting for a few moments the eyes of the room fall upon him. And he begins, voice unsteady at first. 
“I wish to speak of a kindred tonight, a kindred who has guided the destiny of her Clan when it’s Leadership failed, one who has earned the ear of Elders, showing a wisdom and respect for the traditions beyond her years. She has averted War and vanquished demons, but above all one who has been the Light for this Kindred after a Century of searching in the darkness.”
He approaches the Gangrel table, more specifically a certain lady. She is adorned in a long white dress, her silver fur lined cloak glittering in the pale light of the room. Her eyes are fixed on him as he approaches and gets down on one knee.
“So I come before all of the Court tonight to ask Atka Tanaraq of the Kinguiaki ..will you marry me?”
It feels like a blanket of silence has just covered the room. The entire room awaits her answer…

She nods. “Yes” she answers. And they embrace. The room erupts in applause, the rooms tension seems to ease even for the briefest of moments. But for two Gangrel the journey is just beginning.