Ordeals are tests to verify members’ knowledge of the organization and ability to take some offices within Canada at Midnight / Canada à Minuit. They vary from country to country, so you have to pass those posted here as a Canadian member, and not those posted on the international website (which are for American citizens)

Any member may pass the Ordeals, and all are strongly encouraged to do so. A hefty reward to complete and pass them is an amount of prestige equal to 90 General Prestige and 10 Regional Prestige, something that will directly translate to a few XPs on a new player’s character sheets. This process is explained in the Membership Handbook (link below).

For ease of use, the documents related to the Ordeals have been linked to in this page, as well as in the Resources section of this website


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Membership Handbook PDF RTF PDF RTF
Co-Ordination and Bylaws PDF RTF PDF RTF
Coordination PDF RTF PDF RTF
Narration Ordeal – All Venues PDF RTF pdf RTF
Narration Ordeal – Awakening PDF RTF PDF RTF
Narration Ordeal – Changeling PDF RTF PDF RTF
Narration Ordeal – Forsaken PDF RTF PDF RTF
Narration Ordeal – BNS Masquerade PDF RTF PDF RTF
Narration Ordeal – Requiem PDF RTF PDF RTF

** Note on the change in Creation Ordeals:
There is now a CWoD version of the Creation Ordeal. If you have already taken and passed your Creation Ordeal, you *cannot* do this new one. If, however, you have not taken the Creation Ordeal, you may use *either* the NWoD version -or- the CWoD version (you get no benefit from doing both other than personal knowledge). Also, if you completed and passed the old (pre-2006 or so) Creation Ordeal, “Wisdom of the Stage”, you may complete either the CWoD or NWoD Creation Ordeal above for the noted prestige awards.