Vampire: the Requiem

Here you will find links to the information about the Canadian National Vampire: the Requiem game setting and rules addendum.

ANST Requiem (N)

Nik Joltok

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Cities in Canada currently running a Vampire: the Requiem venue:

  • Montreal
  • Quebec
  • Hamilton
  • Vancouver
  • Northern Winds

Global Registry Form
Global Information Sheet for Background Registry * * Note that the link in this document for the Registry itself is wrong, hence the link above! * *

Vampire: the Requiem Addendum – (updated: Sept 2016)
National Setting Overview for Requiem – pdf format (updated: Aug 2013)
City Status – pdf format
Traditional Civility Rules Revision – pdf format
Vampire and the Spirit – pdf format
Custom Shadow Cult Guide – pdf format

Quick Reference Guides to help you find information in the books:
VtR_Guide MET – pdf format
VtR_Guide_TT – pdf format