Mage: the Awakening

Here you will find links to the information about the Canadian National Mage: the Awakening game setting and rules addendum.

ANST Awakening

Derek Burrow

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Mage: the Awakening games are currently running in:

  • Vancouver
  • Hamilton
  • Toronto
  • Quebec City
  • Northern Winds

If you are interested in joining one of these games, or starting a new one, please contact the ANST:Mage {This email is obscured. Your must have javascript enabled to see it}

Global Registry Form
Global Information Sheet for Background Registry * * Note that the link in this document for the Registry itself is wrong, hence the link above! * *

All new settings documents are available for public review at the CaM Awakening Tumblr site. Your feedback is important to us. You can visit the Tumblr site here: CaM Awakening Tumblr. Be aware that documents published below, on this page, are the official versions, and not up for review.

National VSS: version 1.61 – Published Aug 17, 2013

Awakening Addendum – Dated: Feb, 2016

Techne Addenda Support Document – A detailed description of the new magical system and rules available for Free Council Mages in the Addenda.

Rote Factors Addenda Support Document – A detailed description of the Rote Factors system referenced in the Addenda

Publications for Player Reference:

Order Guides:

The High Consilium of Canada Guidebook – v 1.61, Published Sep 3, 2013

Canadian Proximi Intro & Guidebook – Published Aug 27, 2013

Publications for ST Reference: (Please note that although available for players to read to enrich their understanding of the setting, the contents of these documents are not available for character knowledge without specific approvals)

Current Canadian Memes

Plot kits: (Please note that the following documents are password protected, to preserve the story they contain from distribution. Please contact the ANST awakening for the password if you’d like to receive it. Plot kits representing past-story and are no longer useable are stored here for reference, and not password protected)

Quick Reference Guides to help you find information in the books:
MtA_Guide MET – pdf format
MtA_Guide_TT – pdf format