Changeling the Lost

Changeling the Lost

Kidnapped by the Fae and held prisoner, The Lost are changelings who were forced to endure inhuman torture while serving their masters. Having escaped, they now find themselves in the position of reentering the mortal world too changed to ever really go back to the way things were.

Where Can You Play Changeling the Lost?

CaM Venues:  Vancouver,BC  |  Guelph, ON    
Troupe Games: Toronto, ON

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Changeling the Lost
Autumn Nightmares
Dancers in the Dusk
Equinox Road
Fear Maker’s Promise Compendium
Lords of Summer
Goblin Markets
Rites of Spring


ANST Lost:  Greg Luch

Global Registry Form
Global Information Sheet for Background Registry * * Note that the link in this document for the Registry itself is wrong, hence the link above! * *

Canadian National Lost VSS – April 2014 – pdf format
Canadian National Lost Addendum – Last Updated Sept, 2015
VSS Lost Creation Guide – pdf format
The Gentry – Player’s Document Final – Unbranded – pdf format
The Gentry – Storyteller’s Document Final – Unbranded – pdf format
MES Society Lost Token Guide – pdf format
The Hedge Fruit of Canada – Excel format
Goblin Contracts of Animism and Kiths that deal with Spirits
Crowns, Courts and Leadership Within Freeholds

Quick Reference Guides to help you find information in the books:
CtL_Guide MET – pdf format
CtL_Guide_TT – pdf format